We love a challenge!

While at events and markets, we were often asked, "Why don't you also do candy floss?" We thought to ourselves, "Why not?" From there The Candy Company was born.

Sacrificing quality?

Never! We take pride in spinning the best candy floss in town. We only use Chelsea sugar. (Yes, you can taste the difference!)

We got you spinning now?

Don't be fooled! There is technique in making light, fluffy candy floss. We think we have it down to a science.

Sugar is the enemy!

Actually, you'd be surprised that candy floss has less sugar than most fizzy drinks. Though we do encourage moderation.

Contact Us!

We are here for you! We are happy to take in part your market or festival. We love to come to birthday parties and other special event

We also have a full line of retail bags. Contact us for wholesale pricing.